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General SCI Travel Policy

  • When traveling domestically, per diem will be claimed by everyone, including students. Receipts for meals will no longer be necessary. Appropriate expenses outside the per diem will require receipts. This includes travel, communication and approved guest expenses. Receipts for alcohol cannot be reimbursed.
  • When students are traveling internationally, the meal expenses will be treated on a case by case basis, with the final decision being made by the PI. This decision must be put into the travel arranger before the student returns from travel.
  • Please go to this link and fill out the google form for your travel.  If you have any questions, ask us.  
  • If it can be avoided, do not book your own tickets. With the new state travel policy, we have to be careful what we pay for tickets or they won't be fully reimbursed. At no time should students be booking their own tickets. This is unnecessary - the Admin team is here for everyone. It's much easier for all concerned if we book tickets with State Travel.

SCI Student Conference Travel Policy

Community validation of scientific work is of fundamental importance. With this in mind, Master and Doctoral Students can expect to have the opportunity to attend scientific conferences at national or international levels under the following conditions:

Selection of conference:

  • The conference should be applicable and meaningful within the student's field of study, as judged by the student's SCI advisor.
  • The responsible SCI advisor will decide on the suitability of any proposed conference based on discussion with the student.

Participation: to qualify to attend a conference, a student will normally participate by:

  • Presenting a peer reviewed paper or presentation with the student as an author.
  • Preparing and presenting a peer reviewed poster with the student as an author.
  • Serving on a panel or in a tutorial session.
  • Students might attend conferences for other reasons at the discretion of their advisor.

 Additional guidelines:

  • Once a student has obtained permission from their advisor to attend a conference, they should coordinate their travel plans with the SCI Administrative team.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to apply for any external travel support that is available.
  • Students should be prepared upon their return to report to the group on meaningful results or information gleaned from the conference.
  • Whenever possible, a conference presentation should lead to the preparation of a journal article on the same material.