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Jones Conference Room


Location:  Warnock Engineering Building (WEB) 3840
Phone: 801.585.0523
Capacity: 10-12 persons
Reservations and support: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Features: The Jones Conference Room is equipped for meetings, web conferencing, screen sharing, instant messaging, web seminars, lectures, conferences, and one-one teaching.  The breathtaking view of the mountains toward the east can make this room very bright early in the day.  The Jones Conference Room is located conveniently near the SCI kitchen and provides a very comfortable gathering area in the luxurious lobby.

Getting Started

  1. Find the control panel next to the light switch at the room entrance.
  2. Press 'On' to turn on the projector  (wait... it could take a minute warm up)
  3. Select 'Table' and plug the 'Table' HDMI cable into your laptop.  Your laptop screen should blink then the projector will display your screen after a few seconds.

For video and audio conferencing, make sure the tabletop microphones are enabled.  You should see a green light, unless the mics are muted (red).  It is not necessary to move the microphones, simply speak in the general direction of the mic.  The echo cancellation system works best if the microphone is directly below the ceiling speakers.

It is possible to make and receive phone calls at any time using the ClearOne Telephone Controller Unit. During a web based audio or video conference the output of the telephone is mixed by the system, enabling remote and local users to participate in the conversation.