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Travel Request Form

To get help with a trip you are planning, please fill out the following form. Submitting the form to the admin team will start the process of making your travel arrangements and we will get back to you shortly with information and/or additional requests.

You will be redirected to a NEW Travel Page.  

Travel Request Form

Travel Reimbursement

Students:  Be sure to take advantage of the University's Graduate Student Travel Assistance Program!!

Many delays in travel reimbursement arise because the admin team is missing essential information. Please use this Excel spreadsheet to keep track of this information and submit it with your expense documents when you return home.  PLEASE NOTE:  All receipts must be taped down to a piece of paper with an explanation written next to them and if the amount is in foreign currency you must look up the conversion rate at  Make sure you enter the date on the receipt and select the correct currency.  If you need help with this, please see one of the admin team.  Make sure you have all your receipts and that everything is in order before you submit your reimbursement request.  If these things are not done it will be returned to you until it is correct.

Reimbursement Spreadsheet

Travel Policies

SCI has some guidelines for students traveling to conferences that we encourage everyone to use and respect.

Travel Policies

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