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Technical Report Submission

Publication Types

The following types of publications should be submitted as SCI Institute Technical Reports:

  • Software user or developer guides/manuals
  • SCI Institute MS Theses and PhD Dissertations
  • Preliminary work prior to a full journal article being published.
  • Unpublished manuscripts (for example, a book chapter for a book that never appeared.)

Submission Procedure

If you would like to submit a SCI Technical Report, please follow the procedure:

  1. Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting a SCI Institute Tech Report number. The request must include the title, author and a PDF copy of full report, including the abstract (no numbers will be assigned until the technical report is complete).
  2. A SCI faculty member must approve any SCI Institute Technical Report. This should be the student's advisor or co-author on the paper. If the Technical Report is submitted by a staff member, the SCI Institute Faculty member who is PI on the associated research project should review the paper and make the approval decision.
  3. A Tech Report number is then assigned and emailed to the author requesting the number.
  4. The author prepares a cover page (using the SCI Institute Technical Report template), inserts it at the beginning of Technical Report and creates a PDF file of the complete document. The author must then submit the revised PDF. A Postscript file may also be included, as an additional item, but the PDF file is required.
  5. The Technical Report is then entered into the SCI Institute Technical Report repository and linked to the SCI Institute Publications web page.

SCI Institute MS Theses and PhD Dissertations

It is a SCI Institute policy that all theses and dissertations will be submitted as Technical Reports. These Technical Reports are submitted as above but will be maintained as a separate list on the SCI Institute website.