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email Client Setup Thunderbird

This handout is a comprehensive set of instructions to configure Thunderbird to work with Windows using IMAP protocol.

You can download Thunderbird at: http://www.mozillamessaging.com/en-US/thunderbird/

IMAP: SCI e-mail server support IMAP which allows you to store your e-mails on the server. This allows you to read your e-mail from different computers. Thunderbird allows you to download your messages for offline viewing when you do not have a connection to the internet. If you check e-mail from more than one computer, including webmail, (https://mail.sci.utah.edu/) we recommend using IMAP.

1. Launch Thunderbird and Select Account Settings from Tools menu:


2. Click on Account Actions and select Add Mail Account:



3. Enter Your name, E-mail address and Password on this screen and click Continue:


4. Once, it is finished looking up common server names, click on Manual Setup and update the following information:


Click on Done when ready to create account.  The other metod is to update it by going to Tools and Account Settings as shown below:  

     a. Click on Server Settings under SCI Account, then change the incoming Server Name: to "mail.sci.utah.edu"

     b. Change the Connection security: to "SSL/TLS" and

     c. Change the Authentication method: to "Normal password"


5. Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) in the Account Settings and select your SCI Outgoing Server account and hit Edit...



6. Change the SMTP Server Name to "mail.sci.utah.edu" and change the Connection security: to "SSL/TLS" and change the Authentication method: to "Normal Password".



7. Click "OK" twice and you will be back on the Thunderbird screen. Click on the Get Mail to get your mails. (Enter password if asked for your password):



8. Your e-mail is setup and you are ready to send/receive e-mails.