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PI and PostDoc Cancer Science Institute of Singapore


Cancer Science Institute of Singapore
CSI Singapore, National University of Singapore, is a state-of-the-art research center with a multifaceted and coordinated approach to cancer research, extending from basic cancer studies all the way to experimental therapeutics. The focus of the institute is on cancers endemic to Asian populations such as gastric, liver, lung, leukemia and breast cancers.
We are seeking individuals with exceptional scientific credentials to join a vibrant, dynamic team at CSI Singapore 

Principal Investigators 

Qualified candidates at Associate Professor and Assistant Professor levels should be at the cutting edge of their field with an established record of excellence in cancer research.

Candidates should have the capability and experience of leading high-level, innovative research programs resulting in international quality publications. Successful candidates can look forward to stable funding for up to 5 years commensurate with their abilities, ample laboratory space and resources, a competitive salary package and a dynamic working environment. Candidates with research emphasis in gastric, liver and lung cancers will be strongly considered. 

Postdoctoral Position

Full-time postdoctoral positions are immediately available for MD and/or Ph.D graduates interested in in cancer and stem cell biology or genomics.

Candidates must have a proven track record in research and laboratory work in the form of publications in top peer-reviewed journals. Ability to communicate in written and spoken English required. Applications should include full curriculum vitae, publication list, information on years of experience in research and laboratory work, and names and contact information of three referees. Please also include a summary of your research experience and a brief description of intent of research in the form of two proposals of the research you would be interested to pursue. 

Interested candidates email to: 
Only shortlisted applicants will be notified. 
For more details, please visit our website:



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