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Postdoc Positions, NIST

The US National Research Council (NRC) Associateship Program is
accepting applications for two-year appointments for postdoctoral
research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
in Gaithersburg, Maryland and Boulder,Colorado. Among the topic areas
of interest are dynamical systems, combinatorial and discrete
algorithms, complexity theory, applied optimization and control,
finite element methods, quantitative visualization,
parallel/distributed computing, and verification, validation, and
uncertainty quantification in scientific computing. Of particular
interest are applications in materials science, electromagnetics,
optoelectronics, network science, quantum information, cryptography,
computer security, and software testing. For details see

Competition for postdoctoral awards across all NIST technical program
areas is managed by the NRC. Applications must be submitted directly
to the NRC; the deadline for applications is August 1.  Candidates are
urged to contact potential advisers in advance of submission. An
additional competition is held in the winter, with an application
deadline of February 1. Note that the NRC program at NIST is
restricted to US citizens.

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