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Mac Printer Setup

Before you add a printer, you will need the "name, make and model number".  This information is labeled on each printer.  To view a list of available printers visit http://web-printers:631/printers

1. Open "System Preferences"




2. Select "Print & Fax" from the "Hardware" options




3. Click on the "+" icon in order to add a printer




4. Select the "IP" tab and fill out the values:

  1. In "Protocol:" select "Internet Printing Protocol – IPP"

  2. Type "web-printers.sci.utah.edu" in the "Address:" text box

  3. In "Queue:" type "/printers/'name of printer to which you are connecting'" in this example we are connecting to juice so we type "/printers/juice"

  4. In "Name:" type the name of the printer. In this example "juice"




5. Click on the menu for "Print Using:" and select "Select Printer Software"




6. Find the make and model of the printer and click "OK"




7. Click "Add"




8. Leave the installable options at default and click "Continue"




9. The printer should now be in your printer list and ready to Print.