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Apple Mail Client Setup - (Pictures from OS X El Capitan and High Sierra)

(You might have different screens, depending upon your OSX Version. But,  your Mail -> Preference section has similar settings.  We kept these screen shots,  because they show more details per step)

This handout is a comprehensive set of instructions to configure SCI e-mail in Apple Mail using IMAP (Interim Mail Access Protocol).

IMAP: SCI e-mail server support IMAP which allows you to store your e-mails on the server. This allows you to read your e-mail from different computers. Apple Mail allows you to download your messages for offline viewing when you do not have a connection to the internet. If you check e-mail from more than one computer, including webmail, (https://mail.sci.utah.edu/) we recommend using IMAP.

1. Launch "Mail" from the quick launch bar:


2. Click on Mail and select Preferences...:



3. On the Accounts window, click "+" on the lower left hand side to create an account manually if the Mail account provider does not show up automatically:



4. Enter Full Name, Email Address and Password on this screen and click Sign In:


5. Select "IMAP" in Account Type and enter Incoming Mail Server and Outgoing Mail Server as "mail.sci.utah.edu" and click Sign In & Done:


6. Click on Mail, select Preferences then Accounts.  Click on the Advanced Tab and put the check mark in "Use SSL"  (NOTE:  You may have to uncheck and check again to have 993 Port to show in the Port Box):


7. Next, Go back to Account Information Tab and click on Edit SMTP Server List in Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):  

The default Tab is Account Information, click on Advanced Tab and put the check mark in Use SSL(NOTE:  You may have to enter the port number manually (465) and Click OK):  


8. You have successfully created your e-mail account and you should be directed back to the Accounts window. Close this window to go back to the Mail.  Don't forget to click on Save button to save the settings:  


9. Your e-mail is setup and you are ready to send/receive e-mails.




Apple Mail Client Setup (High Sierra)

Tricks and Tips:
Problem: Resynchronizing of folders. (If you have two Mac Machines to check your mails (maybe a desktop and a laptop) and they are not staying synchronized), then:
Solution: This is likely to be caused by an internal error in the SQL database so the first thing to try is to rebuild on the folder that is having issues. Then you can try and do a "Synchronize" both are options under the "mail" drop down in Apple Mail. This should solve the problem but if this doesn't work then we can take an aggressive approach and remove the account and then recreate it. Note: If you have multiple mail folders in Mail Folder and you want them in alphabetical order then following the following steps:
Go to Preferences, Accounts and select IMAP-based account. Then click on the "Advanced" tab and disable the account. Save the settings and close Preferences. Then go back and re-enable the account. The IMAP folder will now appear in correct alphabetical order.