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assistant professor position in scientific computing at University of Waterloo, Applied Mathematics Department


There is an assistant professor position opening in scientific computing/numerical analysis/computational mathematics at the Applied Mathematics Department of the University of Waterloo, Canada.

See the following links for a description of the position and the scientific computing research activities in the department:
Deadline is December 1, 2013.

Scientific computing research in the department focuses on numerical PDEs and numerical linear algebra, but other areas of numerical analysis are also of interest. The scientific computing group in the department is small (with Lilia Krivodonova and myself; the new hire will be the third person), but there are several other faculty members with numerical analysis interest in other departments of Waterloo's faculty of mathematics (including Steve Vavasis, Henry Wolkowicz, Justin Wan, Peter Forsyth, Tom Coleman, and others), and we have joint graduate courses and programs with them. 

Waterloo's Faculty of Mathematics is a great place to do research, with access to good students (Waterloo is well-known in Canada for its focus on math, CS and engineering) and a good funding climate. Living quality is high (professor salaries are good, housing cost is significantly lower than in big cities (with Toronto being only an hour away), there is free public healthcare and there are good free public schools) and the University of Waterloo is a supportive and collegial environment to work.
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