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Job search and training resources

This post will provide the list of resources related to job search process. The list is by no means final and I certainly hope that SCI community will help me with the contents. If you have any content suggestions or would like to share a useful resource with your fellow students and postdocs at SCI, feel free to e-mail me: Sergey Yakovlev <>.

Job search/information websites

IT Industry Position

Improving you coding skills and preparing for the coding interview

Currently, quite a number of online platforms offer you the chance to practice and improve your coding skills as well as participate in coding competitions. Here are some of them (in no particular order):

  • - at the moment seems to support submissions in C++, Java and Python
  • - supports a wide range of languages, have some basic training exercise series (e.g. learning Python, learning Functional Programming)
  • - programming challenges (with money prizes). There should be an Arena applet somewhere on the website that allows you to practice.
  • science portal for geeks, also has some interview related information
  • Sergey Tihon's Blog mentions a lot of useful coding resourses (don't pay attention to the F# in the title, if the website supports F# submissions chances are you can use you favorite language as well).

In addition to practicing online, you may want to check some of the coding interview related books:

  • Cracking the Coding Interview: 150 Programming Questions and Solutions 
    by Gayle Laakmann McDowell 
    Link: - besides the discussion of all kind of coding interview questions, there is also a nice overview of the interview process at various IT companies

If you feel that you are getting rusty in the algorithms department, you may want to consider the following book (if you don't have one already):

Quantitative Finance

Some of the inteview oriented books:

In general, you never know whether a particular question will be asked during interview (or whether quantitative questions will be asked at all), but it is a good idea to go through at least one of these books if you are considering a career in quantitative finance.

To be continued...


I would like to thank the following people for contributing to this list: Zhisong Fu