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UQ, Univ of Liege, Belgium

A postdoc position in Uncertainty Quantification is available at the
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering of the University
of Liege, Belgium.

This postdoc position involves carrying out methodological,
theoretical, and/or computational research in uncertainty
quantification, as well as contributing to the application of
uncertainty quantification in aerospace and mechanical engineering.

This postdoc position offers significant freedom in the choice of the
research focus, which will be ideally defined at the interface of the
expertise of the postdoc and expertise available at the Department of
Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering.  The postdoc will also have the
opportunity to join ongoing projects, including projects on multiscale
modeling of adhesion of microelectromechanical systems (in
collaboration with the computational and multiscale mechanics of
materials group), hybrid discrete- continuum modeling of bone fracture
healing (in collaboration with the biomechanics group), and benchmark
problems for UQ for coupled multiphysics problems (being defined under
the auspices of SIAM and USNCCM).

This postdoc position is a one-year appointment.

Candidates are welcome to contact Maarten Arnst
(, with whom the postdoc will collaborate
primarily, to obtain more information, as well as to apply for this
postdoc position.

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