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Postdoctoral Researchers at Disney Research

Job Opportunities for Postdoctoral Researchers and Lab Associates (Interns)




Disney Research is continuing to invest and expand its research work in computer graphics in Zurich, Switzerland and Edinburgh, Scotland.




Job Description


A Postdoctoral Researcher position has an initial term of one to two years with possible extension.  The researcher will build a research portfolio that includes projects led by a Senior Researcher, as well as smaller self-initiated projects.  A Lab Associate position varies from 3 to 6 months with similar, but lighter, responsibilities. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to:



• Conduct research directed by and in collaboration with an assigned Senior Researcher.

• Present research problems, plans, and results.

• Document research in internal reports, peer-reviewed publications, and patent applications.


• Work with Disney's businesses to transfer research results.


• Provide expert consulting to various business units of The Walt Disney Company.




About Disney Research


Disney Research is a network of research laboratories combining the best of academia and industry.  The family of labs consists of Disney Research, Pittsburgh (co-located with Carnegie Mellon University); Disney Research, Zurich (co-located with The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology/ETH); Disney Research, Boston; Disney Research, Los Angeles (co-located with Walt Disney Imagineering); Walt Disney Animation Studios Research; and the Pixar Research Group.  These research labs partner with each of the business units of The Walt Disney Company to work on a broad range of commercially important challenges.  Such partnerships include Lucasfilm/ ILM (UK).  Engagement with the global research community is encouraged, and publication is viewed as a principal mechanism for quality control.  Disney Research honors Walt Disney's legacy of innovation by exploring novel technologies, and our research has applications that are experienced by millions of people around the globe. 




Application Process


To apply, please submit a current CV along with a cover letter to  Please identify DRZ EG 2014 in the subject field.  We also request a link to representative papers or other body of work in your candidate profile.

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