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Multicore HPC, LBNL

The Scientific Computing Group at Lawrence Berkeley National
Laboratory (LBNL) has an immediate opening for a postdoctoral
researcher to conduct applied research and development in the area of
next-generation multicore high-performance scientific computing. The
position is part of a larger effort involving the Computational
Research Division at LBNL and the National Energy Research Scientific
Computing Center (NERSC).

The Scientific Computing Group is focused on enabling scientific
discovery through the development of advanced software applications,
tools, and libraries in key research areas, as well as the development
of scientific computing applications and capabilities for the
integration and analysis of complex data from simulation and

The candidate will be working as part of a multi-disciplinary team
composed of computer, computational, and applied math scientists
conducting research and development for next-generation
high-performance computing. The focus of the candidate will be on
research and development in the computational chemistry domain area
with the goal to greatly improve the performance of current algorithms
on multicore architectures.

Specific responsibilities:
- Design and implementation of computational chemistry and applied
 math algorithms on multicore architectures
- Analysis and optimization of computational chemistry algorithms
- Publish and present research results in journals and conferences.

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