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Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics position

Intrexon is currently seeking to fill a Senior Scientist, Bioinformatics position within the Cell Systems Informatics group, in San Diego. The senior scientist will be responsible to for developing and performing state-of-the-art bioinformatics analyses, implementing novel applications and workflows in sequence and genome bioinformatics and contributing to informatics infrastructure development at Intrexon. The candidate is required to have strong command of sequence bioinformatics tools and approaches, be an expert in genomics, transcriptomics and other omics solutions, and work closely with multi-disciplinary teams on internal and external projects. 

Perform basic and advanced analyses on data produced from next generation sequencing systems (RNA-seq, DNA-seq, metagenomics, ChIP-seq, etc.), as well as coding and non-coding genomic sequence analysis. Develop bioinformatics pipelines, use and expansion of open source software for conducting data analyses, at basic and advanced levels. Design and submit vector constructs that meet the scientific needs of a project and confirm to internal standards for vector production. Lead the development and implementation of analytical and mining capabilities in diverse projects across all operating divisions, involving prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Work closely with scientists to perform requested custom analyses, and develop technical reports and presentations. Perform statistical analysis of large scale data sets from proof-of-concept experiments and preclinical studies. Seek and qualify new approaches and technologies. Interact with multiple, multidisciplinary teams on internal and external projects. Provide analytical support to management in decision making on the development of new products.

Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Biology, or related fields. Ph.D. with 5-10 years of academic or industrial experience. Experience with relevant sequence analysis tools/best practices. Experience with metagenomics data analysis is a plus. Experience with proteomics data analysis is a plus. Proficiency in a scripting language (e.g. Perl). Working experience with Linux/UNIX environment. Experience with cluster computing is a plus. Proficiency in molecular and biological data analyses and statistical methods. Knowledge of synthetic biology is a plus. Experience in writing bioinformatics and statistical plans, protocols, and reports. Proven ability to evaluate and apply new technologies.

Ability to understand and execute on the company’s mission and values. Maintain a high degree of ethical standard and trustworthiness. Capable of fostering change in an organization. Deals with conflict in a direct, positive manner. Ability to think and adapt to a rapidly changing environment. Able to reach rational conclusions through complex processing of information. Fosters innovation through creative solutions. Successful at communicating in both oral and written forms. Fosters constructive dialogue and feelings toward the company, coworkers, and tasks being managed. Well organized and capable of clear communication through technology (i.e. Outlook, PowerPoint, and other programs used to create and distribute reports and key information). Effective organization and implementation of group projects. Up-to-date knowledge on industry current events. Maintain a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail. Energized by accomplishments and excellence in the workplace. Capable of high performance in independent work as well as in team setting.
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