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Linux Printer Setup

In order to install network printers on Linux (OpenSUSE), you need to follow the following steps:

1.  Go to "YaST Control Center" and select "Hardware" from the list and select "Printers" from menu.


2.  Click on "Print via Network" and select "Do All Your Printing Directly via One Remote CUPS Server" and type the following print server address: web-printers.sci.utah.edu and click "Test Server" to test if your system is able to make a connection to the print server.



3.  You should get the following window showing that the machine is able to access the print server.  Click 'OK' and click 'Yes' for stopping locally running CUPS daemon. 

(Note:  If you get an 'Error' at this point, please exit by clicking 'OK' and reboot your machine and start the process again from step 1.) 



4.  Click "Ok" and you will be directed to "Printer Configurations" with the list of printers your machine have access to on SCI Network.



Note: Before sending a print job, look up the "name and location" of the printers by visiting http://web-printers:631/printers and select the printer closer to you.