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Post-doctoral position available at IBM Research Collaboratory


IBM Research Collaboratory in Singapore welcomes qualified post-doctoral
candidates to apply for a fellowship starting as early as January 2014. 

The successful candidate will be working on the 'next generation' of 
real-time analytics leveraging massive multimedia and unstructured datasets (such as cognitive computing).

We welcome applications from candidates with background experience in optimal control, inverse problems, data assimilation, or machine learning, who feel that their experience will assist in the development of online operational analytics across multiple application areas from transportation to environmental sensing.

The position involves working with an international research team developing models 
and algorithms for real-time analytics. The position involves both innovative research and
writing articles as well as significantly contributing to real-world client
projects. There is a component of the position that involves programming,
and experience in Java is preferred. However, the position is not primarily a programming position.

Salary and benefits are very competitive. The actual salary is determined by
the IBM Research Human Resources department and cannot be provided ahead of
an offer being made to the candidate. But, it can be expected that the
salary and benefits will be very attractive, as compared to academic
positions and to other positions in industry.

The position is for one year and can be renewed up to two more years based
on mutual agreement. As such, this is a duration-limited position. Of the
postdoctoral researchers at IBM Research, some are converted to permanent,
non-duration-limited, positions during the course of their postdoctoral
fellowship. However, no guarantee of such conversion can be made ahead of

We are actively recruiting for this position now and wish to fill at least
one position soon, but regardless of your availability date, we encourage
you to apply to the position, as it is possible for multiple positions to
become available during the course of 2014. Therefore, while there is a
preference given to candidates who are available to start early in 2014, all
qualified and interested candidates should apply.

Cognitive computing is an exciting area of research within IBM and if this position
appeals to you, please send a recent CV and please have 1 or 2 recommendation letters emailed
directly to Dr. Sebastien Blandin, at


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