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Skype Web Conferencing


Skype isn't just about free Skype-to-Skype calls and easy, low-cost calls to landlines and cell phones around the world. You can also do much, much more.

For starters why not send a text message directly from Skype; forward a call to your mobile; or set up an online number for friends, family and colleagues to make a local call from their old-fashioned and reach you on Skype, wherever in the world you are.

To start using Skype's extra features, add a little Skype Credit to your account. If it's calling you need, try a monthly subscription plan.

Getting Started

  • To make a call to a phone or mobile anywhere in the world with Skype you'll need Skype Credit. If you already have credit it will appear next to your name.
  • Open the Call Phones tab in Skype.
  • Select the country you are calling.
  • Enter the phone number including country code.
  • Press the big green button to make the call.
  • To make free video calls you'll need the latest version of Skype and a webcam and headset.
  • Skype will automatically help you test your webcam to make sure everything is working correctly.
  • Now you can make video calls to anyone else with a webcam.

Conference Room Login Information

[sci] Skype - E&S Conference Room OSX
Login: sci_evans
Pass: vtcvtc

[sci] Skype - E&S Conference Room WIN
Login: sci_evans_pc
Pass: vtc123

[sci] Skype - Halvorsen Conference Room OSX
Login: sci_halvorsen
Pass: vtc123

[sci] Skype - Halvorsen Conference Room WIN
Login: sci_halvorsen_pc
Pass: vtc123

[sci] Skype - Jones Conference Room OSX
Login: sci_jones
Pass: vtcvtc

[sci] Skype - Jones Conference Room WIN
Login: sci_jones_pc
Pass: vtc123