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Postdoc Positions, HPC for Life Sciences

KU Leuven (Karl Meerbergen) and University of Antwerp (Wim Vanroose)
have three postdoctoral research positions for a joint research
project on high performance computing for Life Sciences. The project
is funded in part by Intel and Johnson&Johnson pharmaceuticals. The
topic of the research is the development of HPC algorithms for the
solution of ODEs/PDEs with stochastic parameters with the aim to
improve the efficiency of parameter estimation problems from the
pharmaceutical industry.

The successful candidate should be interested in high performance
computing, inverse problems, high dimensional numerical integration
and parametric model order reduction and is expected to have expertise
in at least one of these themes. In addition, the interested candidate
should be willing to develop code in C++. The researchers will work in
close collaboration with both teams from Leuven and Antwerp and
scientists from Johnson&Johnson and Intel.  Part of the time will be
spent in the ExaScience lab in Leuven, an interdisciplinary lab on
software, bio-statistics, bio-informatics and hardware simulation. The
initial contract is for one year with a possible extension after
positive evaluation.

Candidates should send their CV with full list of publication to and

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