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Postdoc Positions, Data Science, Univ of Washington

The University of Washington eScience Institute announces the
competition for the 2014 Moore/Sloan Data Science Postdoctoral
Fellowships.  We seek outstanding interdisciplinary researchers with
expertise in the methods of data science and in a physical, life, or
social science.
The fellowships are part of a new multi-year partnership between the
University of Washington, University of California at Berkeley, and
New York University, and are funded jointly by the Gordon and Betty
Moore Foundation and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.  For more about
this effort please see
Methodology areas include relevant fields of applied mathematics,
statistics, and computer science.  There is an emphasis on the
development of open source software tools and environments and on
following/developing best practices for reproducibility, including the
curation and sharing of data and code.
An ad with more details about postdoctoral fellowships and
instructions for applying can be found at
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