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Postdoc Position, Mesoscale Neuron Synthesis, EPFL

The Blue Brain Project (BBP), led by Prof. Henry Markram, is looking
for a Post-Doctoral Fellow to extend the synthesis of in silico
cortical tissue from the microscale to the macroscale.

BBP has modeling infrastructure for constructing neocortical columns
containing about 30,000 morphologically-detailed neurons. Several such
columns have already been assembled into a planar hexagonal mosaic
containing up to 1,000,000 neurons. The next stage of development is
to populate three-dimensional mesh models of brain regions from
existing atlases with appropriately-shaped mesocircuits, adjusting
their dimensions and shape to match rodent brain anatomy, and
connecting the circuits via axonal tracts according to known
large-scale connectomics data, yielding a complete rat brain model
containing on the order of tens of millions of neurons.

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