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PostDoc - IDAV University of California at Davis


Post Doctoral Researcher to perform advances research and development in the area of analysis and visualization of large scale performance data collected from massively parallel simulations. The long term goal is to develop a better understanding of the complex interplay between hardware characteristics, computation, and communication, and their relationship to the simulated physical phenomena in large-scale applications. This work will involvve reseraching new technicques to visualize and analyse typically abstract performance data and to provide more intuitive views and new insights to application developers.

The work will be performed as part of a large team of visualization and performance analysis experts at LLNL, UofU and UC Davis that regularly interacts with a number of development teams for some of the world’s most advanced scientific simulations, including multiple gordon bell prize winners. The successful candidate will work in a multidisciplinary  team environment and have the opportunity to spend extended periods of time at any of the participating institutions. Candidates should have expertise in some of all of the following areas: Information visualization, multi field analysis, multi field visualization, high performance computing, statistics, and data analysis.

Contact: B. Hamann,, (530) 754-9157

Check their website for more information.

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