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Politecnico di Milano

Subject: Mathematical modeling in mechanobiology

Duration: 14 months, starting on June 2014
Place: MOX Laboratory, Politecnico di Milano, Italy

The post-doctoral position concerns the mathematical modeling of mechanical control in the developing biological systems. Specific possible applications  are - the emergence of a macroscopic shape as regulated by mechanical and  biochemical processes and/or out-of-equilibrium transport mechanisms at the  micro-scale - active forces in cell migration   
The ideal candidate has a PhD in applied mathematics, physics, mechanics or  engineering, with a solid background in biomechanical theories for biological  systems (nonlinear elasticity, instability, transport theories) and documented  skills in using numerical tools (finite elements, level-set and/or immersed  boundary methods). 
An interdisciplinary approach is requested for establishing fruitfu collaborations with experimental research groups.

Applications should be submitted to

Please include a CV and the names of two possible referees


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