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Four Postdoc Positions, Statistical Inverse Problems

Enabling Quantification of Uncertainty for Inverse Problems (EQUIP)

As part of the EPSRC funded EQUIP Programme Grant, Warwick University
and Heriot-Watt University are advertising four postdoctoral positions
in statistical inverse problems.  Three posts will be based at the
University of Warwick and another post at the University of
Heriot-Watt. Each will have a two year duration, and may start at a
mutually agreed date in the calendar year 2014. EQUIP is led by Andrew
Stuart (Mathematics, Warwick) and comprises Mike Christie (Petroleum
Engineering, Heriot-Watt), Mark Girolami (Statistical Science,
currently UCL but moving to Warwick) and Gareth Roberts (Statistics,
Warwick).  Applicants with expertise in the areas of inverse problems,
numerical analysis, computational partial differential equations,
computational and theoretical statistics and subsurface geophysics are
encouraged to apply.

For details about EQUIP, and links to the application process, see:

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