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Disney Research Zurich for Imaging and Video

The Imaging and Video group of Disney Research in Zurich has an open postdoctoral researcher position. 

We conduct research in all areas related to digital image and video processing. Our research ranges from basic image analysis to image-based modeling, editing, and rendering. A representative list of topics includes light field and video processing, big data imaging, image-based 3D reconstruction and rendering, color processing, stereoscopy, and visual saliency analysis. Furthermore, we are interested in innovative applications of image-based technologies in the fields of 2D animation and interactive environments such as games and theme parks. See for a representative list of our work.

Thanks to our unique setting we offer exciting research challenges at the interface between computer vision and graphics and the entertainment industry, with the potential for significant  impact on practically relevant problems for the Disney Studios, Media Networks, Interactive Studios, and Walt Disney Imagineering. Furthermore, our close relationship to the computer science department of ETH Zurich enables interesting collaborations with other researchers, supervision of students at all levels, and teaching opportunities.

We are looking for a strong researcher with PhD in computer vision or graphics with background in the above mentioned research areas. General prerequisites are self-motivation and creativity, strong programming skills, and independent leadership and supervision abilities.  
Please submit your full academic CV, a link to a personal webpage, and a cover letter to Alexander Sorkine-Hornung <
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