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Visual Computing Group at Harvard


The Visual Computing Group at the Harvard School of Engineering is seeking post-doctoral fellows and PhD students in the area of visualization.

We are seeking post docs to contribute to VCG's efforts in visualization for biology who will work closely with the Caleydo team in an interdisciplinary setting, as well as on topics related to visualization on the web.
We welcome applications from those with visualization background and/or a computer science background and experience in working with biological data (e.g., bioinformatics). A strong track record demonstrating research experience and software development skills are required.

PhD students will have a chance to work on the aforementioned topics as well as other visualization topics, such as human-computer interaction in the context of visualization.

If you are at VIS in Atlanta, please directly approach either Prof. Hanspeter Pfister or Alexander Lex.

Otherwise, direct correspondence to

Kind Regards,

the VCG team
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