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MBI Early Career Award and Postdoctoral Fellowships


Applications are now being accepted for MBI Postdoctoral Fellowships and Early Career Award

MBI postdoctoral fellows engage in a three-year integrated program of tutorials, working seminars or journal clubs, and workshops, and in interactions with their mathematical and bioscience mentors. These activities are geared toward providing the tools to pursue an independent research program with an emphasis on collaborative research in the mathematical biosciences. MBI facilitated activities are tailored to the needs of each postdoctoral fellow.

Early Career Awards enable recipients to be in residence at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute for stays of at least three months during an emphasis program. Details of the 2014-2015 programs can be found at

Early Career Awards are aimed at non-tenured scientists who have continuing employment and who hold a doctorate in any of the mathematical, statistical and computational sciences, or in any of the biological, medical, and related sciences.

An Early Career Award will be for a maximum of $7,000 per month of residency and for a maximum of nine months during the academic year. The award may be used for salary and benefits, teaching buyouts, and/or local expenses (restrictions apply).

Applications for an MBI Postdoctoral Fellowship and Early Career Award should be submitted online at

Applications for an Early Career Award completed before December 2, 2013 will receive full consideration.
Applications for a postdoctoral fellowship completed before December 13, 2013 will receive full consideration.
The applicant should state the period that he or she would like to be in residence.

For additional information visit
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