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Post-doc Positions in Information Visualization - Brazil


The Visualization, Imaging and Computer Graphics Laboratory (VICG) of the
Institute of Mathematical and Computer Sciences - University of Sao Paulo - 
Sao Carlos/SP - Brazil  invites applications for two post-doctoral positions to
work in the project: "Challenges in Exploratory Visualization of Multidimensional Data: 
Paradigms, Scalability and Applications".  

The project, funded by Fapesp (Sao Paulo State research funding agency), aims
at advancing the state-of-the-art research in scientific and abstract data visualization, 
with emphasis in the processing and handling of high-dimensional, multimodal time-varying 
data. The novel paradigms to be developed shall provide advanced visual metaphors for 
visualizations based on multidimensional projection and phylogenetic trees, allowing for 
improved understanding and exploration of many types of data, including text, image, biological, 
music collections and nanoescale sensing data. An additional goal is to investigate data 
visualization and visual exploration methods suitable for execution on portable devices.

We are seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow! Curiosity, open-mind, creativity, persistence, 
and collaborative-work capability are the key personal skills we target. A Ph.D. in 
computer science, applied mathematics, or related areas is required, with demonstrated 
experience and high quality publications. Candidates should have advanced programming skills 
and a solid background in mathematics.  Portuguese speaking is not required but fluency in 
English is mandatory.

Applicants are invited to submit a cover letter, curriculum vitae (including their full publication 
record), as well as reference letters (at least two) by email to 
Dr. Luis Gustavo Nonato -
Applications will be open until September 15th.
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