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Postdoc Position, UQ, Univ of Liege, Belgium

A postdoc position in uncertainty quantification is available at the
Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering of the University
of Liege, Belgium.

The postdoc will join one or more collaborative projects aimed at
developing uncertainty quantification tools for addressing challenges
posed by uncertainties in one or more of the departmental focus areas
including (but not limited to) microelectromechanical systems, metal
forming, aerospace applications, energy applications, and
biomechanics.  Depending on his or her interest, the postdoc will have
the opportunity to investigate modeling challenges, work on algorithms
and high-performance-computing issues, or address application-oriented

Candidates may contact Maarten Arnst ( to
obtain more information about this position, as well as to apply.

The position is a one-year position and is available with a starting
date in Fall 2013.

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