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Postdoc Position, Comp Sci Eng / Comp Biology

At the Research Center Juelich, we are seeking a highly motivated and
creative postdoc with sound expertise in computational science and
some background in biotechnology. This project is a collaboration
between the Biotechnology Institute (IBG-1) and the Juelich
Supercomputing Center (JSC).  The position is available immediately
and offered for 2 years. Juelich is Germany’s largest research center
with more than 5000 employees and hosts Europe’s largest supercomputer
JUQUEEN. The Biotechnology Institute has a long tradition in
industrial biotechnology and, in particular, biochemical network

In the project, a multi-scale modeling approach will be applied for
bridging time and length scales between molecular mechanisms and
process outputs. A major task will be to evaluate and couple
simulation codes for Brownian dynamics (BD), cellular automata (CA)
and partial differential equations (PDE). Improving the scalability on
our supercomputers will also be an issue, in order to compute
realistically sized examples. The methods will then be used for
studying the impact of in-vivo diffusion and channeling of
macromolecules, geometry related effects at membrane surfaces and in
micro- channels, and related multi-scale phenomena.

Candidates should have a PhD degree in computational science and
engineering (CSE) or a related field, with sound programming
experience in C/C++. The ideal candidate would also have a decent
publication record, parallel programming skills, and some background
in statistical thermodynamics and/or computational
biology/biotechnology. Applications, containing the candidate's CV
with recent publications, a statement of current and future career
goals, and names of 3 referees should be sent by email to

Dr. Eric von Lieres (

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