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Network Software

SCI has several software packages that are available over the internal network including Matlab and Intel compilers.

The Matlab licenses are of two types: 

1) General SCI Institute Matlab Network licenses.  There are the 20 floating Network licenses that SCI Institute has purchased for its student/faculty.  The Network Matlab has following toolboxes and licenses to be used by students/faculty:  

  • Image Toolbox (Total of 2 licenses),
  • Distrib Computing Toolbox (Total of 5 licenses), &
  • Statistics Toolbox (Total of 1 licenses).  

2) Individual research grant can be used to purchase Matlab licenses for students/faculty.  If your research project requires you to use one or more Matlab licenses on an intensive bases, then please follow up with the PI of the project you are working on and ask that they purchase one or more individual dedicated licenses for you.