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Paid Summer Visualization Internship

We'll conduct several on campus interviews on Friday, 4 March 2014.

Applications received before then will benefit from special consideration and the convenience of interviewing on campus instead of on site.

Please consult the attached PDF, or the text version below:


Adamatic Inc needs visualization interns to design and prototype visualization tools for in house use.

Why intern at Adamatic?

If you'd like to design and implement interactive visualizations around a variety of data sources consumed and generated by a highly trafficked, distributed, cloud service, you'll find a summer internship with Adamatic Inc exhilarating and empowering.

What kinds of data?

Our system consumes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data from several sources. Examples include page view data from consumers who shop for vehicles online and inventory data from the websites of automobile dealerships. It also generates data in many forms: web browsing histories from individual Internet users, dynamic banner ads which target the interests of individual users, and ad click-through data.

What visualizations?

We need a full spectrum of visualization systems ranging from overviews that expose insights about banner performance overall, as well as detail views which isolate the performance of various ad categories. For example, we might cluster ads by time intervals, dealership, or color. However, although we have identified a few specific visualization needs, most of the job involves open ended exploration and plenty of room to develop your own ideas.

What next?

Visit: for more information.
Contact to schedule an interview.

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