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Paid Internship at HYPACK, Inc



HYPACK is a small company (25 employees), located in Middletown, CT, that specializes in developing

software for hydrographic data collection, processing and visualization. We sell a package we develop

called “HYPACK”, which has become a standard in the USA and overseas for mapping rivers, ports,

harbors and near-shore waters.


In 2013, one of our goals is to improve our visualization techniques for large multibeam sonar datasets.

The datasets can consist of millions of irregularly spaced X-Y-Z samples. Our development plan


• Implementation of Level of Detail displays in several programs.

• Development of tetrahedron models to surmount problems in viewing 3D surfaces such as pier

walls and bridge piers that occur in our TIN MODEL (Triangulated Irregular Network).


To assist us in this project, we are offering a paid internship for the upcoming semester to a qualified

graduate student from the University of Utah’s Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute. The

successful applicant will have experience in coding in C++ (Visual Studio or other) and have ideas on

how to work with large, non-gridded dataset.


HYPACK is flexible as to the work location (CT or your current location), If you choose to work from your

current location, you will have to plan on making several paid visits to our office in CT.

To get a better idea of what we do, please visit our web site at

Interested applicants should send a resume to my attention at



Pat Sanders, President


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