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iChat/AIM Web Conferencing

iChat/AOL Instant Messanger



Number of Locations:
Video: 2-4
Audio: 2-10

Since iChat/AIM video conferencing is completely integrated into your iChat/AIM buddy list, initiating a video conference is straightforward and easy. Just click the meeting attendees on your buddy list and each colleague steps into your virtual office.

Featuring a three-dimensional view, iChat AV for OSX practically puts your colleagues in the room with you, making it easier to follow the conversation. View their faces reflected into space, just as if they were sitting around a conference-room table.

Unlike dedicated telephone systems, iChat/AIM eliminates the need for complex dialing instructions and automated attendants. Creating or joining a multi-person audio conference is as simple as clicking a button in your iChat/AIM buddy list. You may never crowd around a speakerphone again.