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Conferencing FAQ

Q. Why is there no sound?

A. When selecting an option on the KVM switch, press and hold the selection for 5 seconds in order to synchronize the audio output with the selection.  And/or press the "mute" button on the teleconference console and/or adjust the volume on the teleconference console.  Also make sure the volume is up on the computer and application outputting audio.

Q. How can you get a mic that is broadcast through the house sound in the Evans and Sutherland Conference room?

A. Locate the "Body Mic" in the podium, then press and hold the power button until the display lights up.  The audio output of the "Body Mic" will now be routed to all videoconferencing applications as well as the house speakers.

Q. What software is available for video, audio, text, and telephone conferences?

A. Please refer to the Supported Technologies page.  If you need additional support, send mail to conferencing@sci.utah.edu

Q. How do I schedule a multi-site telephone conference?

A. Please contact admin@sci.utah.edu with the details and requirements for your conference.  They can provide you with the required presenter codes and phone numbers.

Q. Can participants join an ongoing video conference from a telephone line?

A. Yes.  Both Wimba and GoToMeeting support multi-site telephone connections.  Additionally,  participants can join any of the conferences held in the Evans, Jones, or Halvorsen conference rooms by dialing the room directly.  Please refer to the SCI Conferencing Locations page for more info.