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Linux Displays and Drivers

Linux: You can activate dual monitors in Linux by running the following command in terminal as root:

For OpenSUSE 11.2 or earlier users:  "sax2 -r"

For OpenSUSE 11.3 users or higher:  "nvidia-settings"

(FYI:  You can also use "nvidia-settings" on the other versions of OpenSUSE as well)

This should bring up Graphic Card and Monitor configuration window. Put the check in the option to Activate dual monitors and then press "Configure" and select the second option of choosing X,Y screen. Once you select these options and click OK, it should ask you to Test the configuration. Make sure your screen is activated and in correct order. After successful testing, you can Save the configuration and exit out of the Graphic Card and Monitor configuration window.

For further help, please send an e-mail to support@sci.utah.edu.